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ping problem ( high latency)

Please can someone help me out I can't get into my computer:(

Pleas help After doing recovery audio on laptop will not work!

Playback device missing.

Please help (Just upgraded case and now have no sound)

Please help - I'm pulling my hair out with my new €1500 paperweight

playing cd/s

PLEASE HELP anyone! Lost original Administration settings

Please help in I can't open links when in Outlook and Installing Norton System Works

PLEASE HELP IE 10 took over IE 7

Please Help Install Wont install

Please help me if YOu can. I have ran the HJT and this is the display.what to do now?

please help desktop refreshing every ten seconds

Please Help Error connecting to Local Area Connection

please help me help my brother (pc freezes and turns it's self off)

PLEASE help - tearing my hair out with Command Services - computer keeps crashing

Please help slow start up.

Please help me with internet-connection (LAN/Ethernet) problem?

Please help me. lost in the new Windows 10 world

Please Help W/ Camera

please help me fix my network bug in win XP

please help in locating chipset driver

Please help me keep taskbar hidden

Please help -- Sound with new speakers only works in Windows Media Player

Please help me reverse HP Pavilion PC Recovery Tool!

Please help system runs slugish and movies are jumpy

PLEASE Help - XP not recognising my Login!

Please help w/Ethernet Problem

Please help with Screensaver/.txt files issue!

Please help me. I can't even get to the boot screen.

Please Help with slow machine

PLEASE HELP! Autorun won't work on disc drives or usb drives

Please help! Admin Account LOST

Please Help! Defragmenter and Restore won't work!

Please help remove TK58.exe virus & random popups

PLEASE HELP! Computer shut down!

PLEASE HELP! Ready to Pull my Hair Out with W10

Please help! No Icons/Taskbar

Please Help! Perpetual Loop of Black and Blue!

Please help! My computer closes so slow when shutting down.

PLEASE HELP! problems with my graphic driver!

Please help. Windows 10 update gone bad!

please help. my LAN connection was disabled

Please Help--Computer crashes

Please help.Norton problem

Please Help.Windows update killed my computer.!

please list programs that do or dont work on vista

PLEASE HELP! Sound Problem On Daughter's Computer!

please read i cant use an entire profile right now.Program Files (x86)\Internet Explo

PLEASE I NEED HELP (windows 10 problem)

Please Stop Me From Taking A Hammer To My LapTop

PLEASE HELP-Browser Freezing

Please help.pc locking

Please Help. SYS Registry

Please reply ASAP.system restarts

Pls help with my sound card drivers

Pleeeease help! - Networking issue!

Plkease Help Cant connect to IE or firefox after virus

Pls help: HP M6 w/Atheros wifi unreliable connections

PNP does not recognize expresscard

Plugging in and out HDD and my autorun feature is gone.

Plugin dll

plz help me undo the settings made with msconfig

Plz Help: Laptop is Terribly Slow

Plz Help !sloooooowwwww comp

poor sound everywhere

POINT OF INTERESTP: how to set a flash drive as drive a:\ or b:\

Pop ups and Red Triangle in System Tray

poor sound quality

pop ups about windows protection

POLL: How fast does your PC boot up in?

pop up re Driver properties deleted when computer starts

Pop Ups And Overriding Automatic Windows Update

Popping noise during CD audio playback

Pop ups that escape Spybot

Pop-up menus suddenly got invisible

Popup on Startup / Already Cleared 2 Viruses (I think.)

Pop-ups and inability to turn on windows automatic updates

Pop-UPs registry changes Trojans everywhere

Popups & toolbars everywhere -- HELP!

Pop-ups after spybot

Pop-ups and Computer lagging horribly. Log inside. Please help!

Popup hijack hell

portcls.sys Bsod

Pop-ups killed my killed my processor and raped my RAM

Poss connection prob

Possibile New Pc

Possible Driver Problems

possible ethernet prob

Possible Network Adapter Problem ?

Possible problem with Graphics Card update and display. Help needed.

possible registry problem.

portcls.sys causing crashes

Possible to do a fresh o/s install using upgrade CD?

Possible to add KEYWORDS to file ?

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