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Please Help Me(Battery Issue)

Using this method, I was gone 2 weeks. Plus, iOS closes apps automatically as it needs more memory, so you're doing something your device is already doing for you. Used to be proud I never had to recharge until night but now I have to. Reply Amelia says: September 20, 2016 at 10:18 pm I have a 5s- have noticed dramatic draining of battery life- no change in use and have deleted or disabled majority of have a peek here

If I was to replace my current transformer, given that it has an 18V 50VA rating, is a 40VA transformer sufficient?Or would a Revere 1850 (50VA) be more appropriate? I used to get 16 hours out of it and still have 30% or so at the end of the day. And how much should it drain overnight? how to reduce the cell standby %?? https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupport/comments/5nj7s1/please_help_me_with_battery_issue/

Why You Don't Need a Task Killer. No one. If Android thinks it needs more memory, it will hard stop whichever process it figures is best. July 26, 2011 chinoo What is the use of purchasing a mobile phone when it is not serving the purpose.

Tried all fixes suggested online i.g turned off all unnecessary features, set the battery on low power mode, not even using the phone (just keeping it idle for sometimes or over I use internet stock app from samsung btw. December 7, 2010 Matches Malone Possible fix -- Skip to the bottom if you're short on time I usually leave my cell phone turned on and in my car while I'm The feature I really bought UltimateJuice for, though, is the Location feature, which disables WiFi when you are not in range of a known network (it learns which networks you normally

i was just wondering if you can help why my battery usage does not display information? No unusual battery draining anymore, no unusual heat. Your article was very much helpful Bolot_Malih hi @scotty_loveless:disqus …my iphone 5s drain battery quickly when using camera app. http://thedroidguy.com/2017/01/solutions-for-galaxy-s5-battery-drain-issue-1049822 Woke up at 7am and had 95% left.

Battery drain problem can happen due to a number of factors, some of which are mentioned here. Just continue to watch out for our posts in the near future for other tips On top of that a lot of replacement batteries suck, so you may not be getting a full capacity battery in the first place. Nikkoko Member 15 Apr 28, 2012 11 0 15 I seriously dont know whats going on... My screen accounts for 60% of my battery drain. (with lots of use and lots of widgets/apps constantly updating on wifi) My backlight is turned all the way down.

Not having a task killer on saves about 20% battery life in my own tests. http://osxdaily.com/2016/09/19/ios-10-battery-life-tips/ But why does my iPhone overheat with Music playing through Bluetooth ? Reply Nathalie says: October 20, 2016 at 2:23 pm I have an Iphone 5G and the battery drains so fast. January 21, 2011 Brian Turn "Haptic Feedback" off, just turning this off I got another ~2 hours of battery life on my Captivate.

Don't know if that's because of the lift to wake or something else. navigate here Reply bababooey says: September 22, 2016 at 7:50 pm my 6plus is eating battery since the update to 10 and it sucks Reply Craig says: September 23, 2016 at 2:04 pm Because at 9 pm i have maybe like 10%. The battery life dropping that fast *while it is charging* is a serious issue.

In fact, I've seen devices lose charge while plugged in under this exact situation. guees the battery drain .. This is a SERIOUS issue and if a multitude of people are expressing the same concern, even after we have tried the suggestions (thank you above for your solution attempts) Apple Check This Out It estimates based on an average of the previous 7 days' usage.

Although that seems huge for that application, I for the first time noticed a little note just below "messages" that says "audio". I've since reset the iPhone 7 and set it up as a new phone so I am not running from a backup in case ther is any corrupt file carrying over But Im not positive on that one.

August 11, 2010 Alan You can also toggle airplane mode by holding down the power button for 1 second and selecting Airplane Mode instead of Power Off.

Most of my location sites are disabled. August 17, 2010 Felix Nagel "You can setup an auto-kill list for applications you don’t use that often—make them cut off when you shut off the screen, or after an interval. If and when you need email, turn it all back on. and by 12 noon by create text, checking emails, phone calls-battery is nearly dead.

I tought I could try WCDMA (i dont really have use of a smartphone using gsm...) only so my battery drains slower hence the switching, what do u think? #7 You will have to reset some things but it's not as invasive as a "wipe and reinstall", the nuclear option.Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings Rachel Hello! I have disabled background App Refresh for all the Apps. this contact form it makes me upset ppl give advice like turn off app refresh and lower the screen brightness….

A few weeks ago, it started draining really fast but Apple store says it still has 95% of its life (which they said is phenomenal for its age). Killing that, along with some other apps that synched too often, and I'm up to 16 hours of fairly active use. Go from 60% some to 40% some like all of a sudden. So if you use low power mode (like I do) even while you have your battery percentage turned off, it will turn it back as soon as you enable it.

It also got very warm charging to start with having just got the update. What could this mean? Just took an hour nap and it fell from 84% to turned off with no background apps running. You also don't have to switch GSM/WCDMA.

Will try tips I read about. the phone is meant to do all that.. Will try some of the other apps but as an example, I start the day at 100%, having the phone plugged in all night, then have listened to Audible for 15 So your phone is not crippled, it's just much more power efficient!

Thanks August 11, 2010 Ca$e You can check the internal stats of the phone (what's used the most battery, gps, etc…) by opening the dialer and pressing: *#*#4636#*#* VERY helpful in I got it back 4 days ago. Come on now. (Airplane mode disables phonecalls and data as well, not just wifi). The cached apps use no cpu or battery, and their memory can be reclaimed instantly for use in another app. "Killing" a cached app just causes Android to reload it into

It's frustrating. Log in with Facebook Log in with Twitter Log in with Google Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? I have a 6- Fully -charged this a.m. What can I do to stop it?2 · 3 comments PCI-Express 8 pin issues2 having problems with windows 10 downloadsSamsung On5 can't detect 5 GHz wifi, please help!123Please Help Me With Battery Issue! (self.techsupport)submitted 1 month

It isn't too heavy (12.5 ounces), slides easily into different kinds of pockets in your bag, and can recharge an iPhone up to 7 times from 0 to 100% depending on Reply Harris says: October 6, 2016 at 5:20 am Severe battery drain since update Reply Allan says: October 6, 2016 at 10:44 am I have iPhone 6 and since upgrading to I don't care what anyone says, just don't. I ran a sleep tracking app and the 7 was drained by 31%, while the 6 was drained by 23% in 5 hrs 23 mins on same iOS and backup files.