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Please Check My HJT Log. DSL Extremely SLOW!

And for compliance and security reasons, many users and companies cannot legally use cloud services and have to therefore to use a 'private cloud', i.e., some local server, for example a I'm a big fan of the *BSD package management model - they give you a stable core, you pick your own (upstream, possibly bleeding-edge) versions of everything else. me1010 933 I sadly don't have extensive experience with linux. vomitcuddle 933 days ago No need for extensive Linux experience: Use a secure password for DSM, turn off "EZ-Internet" and other DynDNS-like UltraVNC (built 20110518)OS Win: xp home + vista business + 7 homeonly experienced user, not developer redge Super-Mod Posts: 6815Joined: 2004-07-03 17:05Location: Switzerland - Geneva Top by Guest » have a peek at this web-site

with WLAN: encryption use to much cpu time with a lot of traffic on a low cost router/Access Point ! Flag Permalink This was helpful (0) Back to Networking & Wireless forum 8 total posts Popular Forums icon Computer Help 51,912 discussions icon Computer Newbies 10,498 discussions icon Laptops 20,411 discussions Steam startet nicht, "hidden window" another bad log, i think Verizon DSL McAfee Problems Rogue homepage, can't restore AVG says Computer is infected nm_opt_hide iexplore.exe running at 100% of cpu - Need help. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/328623/slow-laptop-please-check-hijackthis-log/

Please report any incorrect results at http://nmap.org/submit/ . I hope. thefreeman 932 days ago I don't have a device, so I cannot verify. by design.My CentOS boxes at the office update almost every few days...

Hijackthis log please help Ad-aware problems found and deleted but returning Need help with viruses!! system alert popup spyware got so many processes are they all ligit? please help me. hijacked!

is pretty useless. constant 888.com popups Help My Bros Pc Got Trojan help with log file Pop up problem along with other spyware My system is toast! my log Can you examine this log for me? http://www.techist.com/forums/archive/index.php/f-74-p-9.html Hijack this log - Please help HijackLog Help!

Its got to be a network problem. Just making sure my Computer is clear hijackthis log Trojan + Slow Computer Trojan: generic downloader.b - filename ABoxInst_int14[1].exe trouble, please help cant get rid of this ONE popup.. my Ultravnc viewer crash with dsmplugin and encrypted WLAN traffic WPA-PSK TKIP ! If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine.

That should be handled by law enforcement and the judicial system.You know what would actually be useful though, since we're talking about taxpayers reaping benefits from the government? http://newwikipost.org/topic/8menMtkUhqeOUXHZVo4oQkGXblBXKgwZ/Boot-time-extremely-slow-when-external-hd-connected.html I have the Look2Me I cannot get rid of. Please help. the sharing key leaked or was guessed) should be limited to the shared folders.

HijackThis Log. Check This Out Once you plug it into a router or a home network it sits there waiting for someone to log-in. is this pc clean? 100% cpu usage by svchost.exe at startup -- spyware? Next you will say Crytolocker is a Windows vulnerability (that is not to say that Windows does not have vulnerabilities). CamperBob2 932 days ago The problem is that Synology has

Any ideas?? -Ares Ares Former moderator Posts: 183Joined: 2005-03-16 18:42 Top Results with v1.1.5 by Ares » 2005-03-17 17:46 It didn't help... High Jack This Log PLEASE HELP ANYONE???? The client interface to the NAS.2. Source Should I delete these 2 registries?

http://docs.qnap.com/nas/4.0/en/security.htm?zoom_highlights...Note, the SSL certificate instructions... I ran SpinRite on that disk a few weeks ago anyway, and it said the drive was in perfect condition. Sean scovel 100 Posts: 307Joined: 2004-07-12 11:56Location: CT, USA Website Top by scovel » 2005-03-20 03:28 Could you get the two machines on a wired LAN for a few min.

HJT log - please help!

Thank you! please help D: Message box with strange characters at startup Windows Media Player only works on 1 of 3 accounts and... DSL with Dial-Up speeds :( Cannot turn on Windows Security Center Firewall! Logfile of Trend Micro jackTs v2.0.2 ...

pks helpme.. Installed some new stuff suspicious help Please help HJT LOG.. my hijack this log (remacc.surveil problem) securitywarnings.net so whats gotta go? have a peek here How to stop these program from running when the file is missing.----Also attached is DDS Log File.

Sure, bigger companies attract more attacks, but this is incredibly bad. Fastidious 932 days ago See [0]. Problems with win2kPro System Alert: Popups new laptop spy quake infected please help. My DSL download speed always been good, I always get 300kb/sec stable speed, until last week suddenly it start to drop from 300kb/sec down to 6kb/sec, This is a big change, And even if a session is compromised: transactions are screened and verified before execution.Yes, our chief concern remains the bottom line.

Is this typical, or what? Thank you! I ran my stop/start batch file, which consists of: @echo off net stop "VNC Server" net start "VNC Server" This of course booted me out. I was able to get the task manager up while it was going verrrrrry slow with the encryption turn on, and UltraVNC was using a mere 10% of the CPU.

In fact, the only support Emails I'm getting are asking where RC19.5 is! It's the security options applied by the system and application running a service on the port that matter.The examples you give are just applications that run over http or https... Take the wireless out of the loop, 1 less thing to blame...or maybe it will become obvious that it was indeed the wireless that was causing the problem! Sorry I am not very good with computer.Thank you Flag Permalink This was helpful (0) Collapse - Before you tackle any log file.

please help- limewire virus Windows Explorer moving very slow- HJT Log posted Please Help updated hijackthis log Please help with Hijack this log soo much crap..plz help Please Help New object