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Please Tell Me My CPU Is Dead. Or At Tell Me What Really Is Wrong.


i suspect is capacitor issue during boot up... what is the reason for this problem, is it possible to fix it? Any comments? i don't feel competent enough to try this. navigate here

Was this helpful? alaiksander January 24, 2009 | My friend handed me his laptop (Dell c510 or c610 - I'm not sure) for a display check. Below are some simple things to look for that can cause the same symptoms. I will add on stuff later.

Bad Cpu Symptoms

After 15 minutes of cleaning all dust with air pump blower I replaced the battery & powered on my PC with motherboard VGA video cord connected (not the HDMI of graphics Do you have any ideas? You should perform every reasonable test humanly possible to rule out any other hardware defect and ascertain that your motherboard is indeed dead.

  1. but you are not talking about the chip, you said socket.
  2. The symptom is like this: if I press the power button, the light indicator glow normally and the beep sound is loud with no picture in LCD.
  3. and if so, do I look at AM3 or AM3+ socket?
  4. Most CPUs run from 30 degrees Celsius to 50 Celsius.

In the case of a motherboard, you could spend hundreds of hours trying to fix it, and still never succeed if there is an actual component failure, as opposed to a In cases like that I usually try reseating internal cables and reconnecting removable components (RAM, DVD drive, HDD, etc…) cj2600 November 18, 2008 | Oscar, i have a Toshiba Satellite M35X. My problem is my desktop is not starting up. How To Tell If Motherboard Is Fried I'm not sure if my motherboard is dead or not.

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12Remove your processor, instead of your RAM, and then replace the processor.Was this step helpful? I tried everything up to removing the video cableā€¦ I stopped there because a lot of the screws inside are really right and getting stripped. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/343433-31-computer-suddenly-dead Just wanted to get some feedback.

However, in the laptop screen, once windows loads, everything becomes okay again. How To Check Motherboard Is Working Or Not we now that is ok i have removed hdd, battery, and still no sign of life. Can anyone help…i have taken the laptop back apart and checked all the conectors but cant see anything out of order. Failure symptoms: The laptop starts but there is no backlight.

Dead Motherboard Symptoms

Age. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/617110/is-my-cpu-dead/ Am i missing something? Bad Cpu Symptoms for the last few days i m facing power related problem. Bad Motherboard Symptoms But still the issue is not solved and getting confused to take to service center.

If the adapter doesn't pass the test with a voltmeter, replace it with a new one and test the computer. The bottom of laptop is hot - The laptop has not been cleaned since I've owned it (I bought refurbished) which is about 6 years now. It appears to be dead. Image Credit: Anders Sandberg on Flickr, comedy_nose on Flickr JOIN THE DISCUSSION (7 REPLIES) October 21, 2013 Ching Chang -> printf( " Check For Virus."); //if it doesn't solve the problem** How To Tell If Motherboard Is Failing

This could revert your system to the previous working state. 2. Unplug AC & discharge power, plug back in and I can get the LEDs to flash. Try moving modules from one slot to another. his comment is here I can't seem to find anything online about this.

When I take off GPU and RAM, laptop still continue spinning the fan. Dead Motherboard Repair I can't figure if the Motherboard is defective then why it was beeping continuously by removing rams like a working board. Please help: computer suddenly can't boot into windows...SSD not found in bios...

No water damage.

My HP notebook PC motherboard? Today I had to troubleshoot a Toshiba laptop with the backlight failure. any suggestions? How To Check Laptop Motherboard Is Working Or Not Just because the power supply fan or the CPU fan is spinning and the power LED lights are on doesn't necessarily mean your power supply is delivering the necessary voltage to

If nothing happens or remains the same, more than likely the mtrbd. If there was an alarm, add the memory and a VGA and see what happens. Samsung Galaxy S8 may cost over $1K as well Big Apple announcement coming this March Hackers upping mobile ransomware game - Attacks skyrocketing! 3 simple steps to improve your TV's picture weblink for the last few days i m facing power related problem.

Even this isn't a completely perfect method -- for example, you may reinstall Windows and install the same hardware drivers afterwards. If you haven't done anything with your drivers recently and blue screens start, there's a very good chance you have a hardware problem. I'm thinking it is the motherboard. cj2600 April 19, 2009 | Don, If I leave it powered on this way, approx 15-20 minutes later it finally boots, with post screen.