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StopLog rtcLog To stop Log file creation, simply call this procedure. If you want LOG files to be created in the same folder as AppFile (EXE/DLL), set LOG_FOLDER to an empty String before calling "StartLog". RTC_WRITE_RETRY_DELAY rtcInfo Default number of milliseconds to wait between each retry attempt in "Write_File" and "Write_FileEx" functions. crcBytes2GateCmd rtcGateConst raises exception if CRC check fails crcBytes2GateID rtcGateConst Returns the UserID if everything is OK, or ... - "errNoUID" if byte size missmatch - "errBadUID" if received UID out

RtcPBytesToString rtcInfo Return "Len" characters from "Source" byte array RtcPBytesZeroToString rtcInfo Return a "byte" String from a zero-terminated "Source" RtcPrepareSqlAction rtcDB Prepare Action SQL statement (INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE): chg = TRtcDataSetChanges object positioned This site is completely free -- paid for by advertisers and donations. Control commands set the linker's location counter in preparation for the next store command. NOTE: This procedure works only when called from inside TRtcResult event which was triggered by TRtcClientModule to return a result from a remote function call.

But that makes it your problem, not Microsoft's :) The rub was the += operator, a very nice operator to write condense code. Previous Next Contents Index privacy and legal statement 4548PRO_023.HTML Stack Overflow Questions Jobs Documentation beta Tags Users current community chat Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow your communities DiEses Beitrag hat geholfen!!!

RTC_WAIT_BEFORE_RECONNECT rtcConn RTC_WAIT_BEFORE_RECONNECT sets the Sleep period (here in miliseconds) for Reconnect. Also, most Text Editors will drastically change or even truncate binary files (chop off a large portion at the end of the copied file when loading it into the editor), so Result = Lock starting with "L" and containing the Lock code (0..9, A..Z) rtcCardinal rtcInfo Type to use to store Cardinal values (default:Cardinal) RtcChar rtcInfo 8-bit Character (NOT UNICODE!) RtcChar rtcTypes Without using "PostInteractive" to post the event, the connection would be blocked until the event returns.

The saved context identifies the value as relocatable if the EGSY$V_REL bit in the symbol definition was set. These files are basically level files from a game, and they have a lot of null bytes along with regular text. Figure B-10 depicts the format of an entity-ident-consistency-check subrecord. http://www.realthinclient.com/help/AllIdentifiers.html War Tausend mal in den leeren Ordner, nun habe ich Ihn unbenant und schon funktioniert!!!

For this function to work correctly, it has to be used at least once every 49 days, or the integrated overflow hanling will NOT adjust the time when "GetTickCount" overflows. We’re going to suppress any empty line, or containing ONLY BLANK characters. HxD already has all the basic features you would want in such an editor: Both Hex and ASCII (including Unicode) search/replace, and will open files, memory locations, hard drives (as either rtcSyncCheckProc rtcThrPool rtcSyncProc rtcThrPool RtcThreadPoolReady rtcThrPool Is the RTC Thread Pool ready?

  • Store commands are used to fetch global values or to pop the stack and store the results in the image.
  • rtcKeyMD5Code8BitLockMatch rtcKeyHash Does the "Key" match a MD5Code8Bit encoded "Lock"?
  • To avoid memory leaks on application close, you should also implement the "DestroyCallback" method.
  • GATEID_BIGKEY rtcGateConst Use BIG Keys for Public Account Manager IDs ?
  • But for all its faults, Edit.com is almost guaranteed to be on a Windows system (just like DEBUG), and might be OK for changing a quick byte or two in a
  • If you leave this variable empty (default), it will be initialized automatically by using the AppFileName and LOG_FOLDER variables, immediately before the first log entry needs to be written.

Style Default Style Contact Us Help Home Top RSS Terms and Rules Copyright © TechGuy, Inc. GSD SUBRECORD TYPE Name: EIDC$W_GSDTYP Length: 2 bytes The GSD type is EGSD$C_IDC. This mask is used by the linker to create the system version array in an image that links against SYS$BASE_IMAGE.EXE. Hi, habe alles abgesucht, gegoogelt usw....

A first approach would be to simply delete any C0 control characters ( from \x00 to \x1f ). TRtcUserEvent rtcConn TRtcUserEvent is the event handler type for user-defined events. number of unused threads to keep active RTC_THREAD_POOL_PLUS rtcThrPool Min. In der Regedit vorsichtig sein, da dort ein fehler das Betriebsystem beschädigen kann.

RTC_THREAD_POOL_MAX rtcThrPool Max. The program was written in Delphi. No, create an account now. You can not expect the connection to remain in the same state forever and you can not use the connection directly from an interactive event.

The only solution I’ve found so far is to go to Encoding>Character Sets and select anything in there, but I really shouldn’t have to do that to every file. Januar 2013, 15:17 Ich setze hier mal ein Link http://www.telefon-treff.de/showthread/t-353594.html schauen Sie sich dort auch mal den Beitrag 8 an. When you have a binary + operator the result is converted to the larger of the two types.

Result = Key starting with "K" and containing the Key code (0..9, A..Z).

There is no actual need to limit the connections for the application, but if you plan on running several servers on one PC, this limit can be used for each application, share|improve this answer edited Feb 26 '12 at 22:23 answered Feb 26 '12 at 22:16 Mehrdad Afshari 289k64707718 Thank you for a good explanation! –rpeshkov Feb 26 '12 at Operator commands perform operations on values that were pushed onto the stack with previous operations. If this value is FALSE, any User logged in to the Gateway could add any number of other Users to his User Group(s) and then use the Gateway to dispatch large

Why is x**4.0 faster than x**4? SetupConnectionTimeouts rtcGateConst Set connection timeouts based on global GATE TIMEOUT values. EIDC$V_IDMATCH points to the first bit of a two-bit substructure in the FLAGS field. If Strict=FALSE, errors in AStr will be ignored, so that string part which can be properly decoded will be decoded, the rest will remain untouched.

Returns wait_Error if "ConditionToStopWaiting" returned TRUE, but "ContitionToReturnOK" returned FALSE. Hatte auch das Problem. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up C# byte addition operation Ask Question up vote 6 down vote favorite 2 Could someone point me, why here: Byte b = This makes it easier to construct an upwardly compatible Alpha shareable image.

Haben Sie mal mit der Windows Suche nach den Namen gesucht? TRtcObjectLink rtcInfo RTC Object Link definition / abstract class TRtcObjectLinkSupport rtcInfo RTC Object Link support options TRtcObjectList rtcInfo TRtcObjectManager rtcInfo RTC Object Manager definition / abstract class TRtcParse rtcParse Simple It's because Edit.com creates a screenful of spaces (byte value 32) at the end of each line and a blank line at the end of the file WHILE you are editing This section is provided for readers who need to understand more about the internals of the OpenVMS Alpha operating system.

FLAGS Name: EIDC$L_FLAGS Length: 4 bytes Only the first five bits of this 4-byte bit field are used. Mal's Home Page. Hex Wizard [ Not reviewed yet. ] * Notepad.exe (in Win 9x/NT, etc.) does NOT add any bytes to the end of a file. Combining anything with a NIL type will return the not-NIL type.

How to eval to current buffer without double quote Are helicopters aerodynamically stable? Str2Curr rtcInfo Convert a "RTC Currency String" to a Currency value (used internaly by RTC) Str2DateTime rtcInfo Convert a "RTC DateTime String" to a DateTime value (used internaly by RTC) Str2Float URL_Encode rtcInfo If Safe=TRUE, the following characters will NOT be encoded: Ampersand ("&") Semi-colon (";") Equals ("=") Question mark ("?") UserIDMask rtcGateConst UserIDShift rtcGateConst Utf8Decode rtcInfo Convert a normal If you're new to Tech Support Guy, we highly recommend that you visit our Guide for New Members.

This is how the instruction stream is written. File_Size rtcInfo Size of the file with name "fname" FindRtcObjectConstructor rtcInfo This function is used to find the appropriate RTC Object Constructor. It just doesn't work so they punted the problem and allowed truncation without a cast.